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Launched September 1st 2017, the Fitness Register was the first independent register of internationally approved instructors, personal trainers and health club operators. The register is a non profit organisation and provides details of approved instructors and personal trainers. The register also serves to bring awareness of career opportunities offered by health club operators and fitness institutions. The Fitness Register is unique as it recognises sport science degrees/diplomas as well as conventional fitness and personal training qualifications.

Membership of RFPs provides confidence to members of the public and quality assurance to prospective employers. The register ensures that all registered exercise professionals are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform specific roles.

Members are acknowledged for their:


Adherence to the industry’s nationally recognised standards.
On-going CPD education.
Service and length of time in the industry.

In order to feature on the Register, members must ensure that the criteria of the National Occupational Standards is met. Evidence must be provided and valid public liability insurance must be held. The register will take into account qualifications as well as experience from time spent within the industry experience. The national occupational standards are mapped out by Skills Active, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure & Well-being, who represent the needs of the industry agreed by employers and other stakeholders. In order to remain on the register, members must continue to meet the standards that are set for their profession through Continual Professional Development (PD).



The Fitness Register was established to provide a new and fresh approach to allow the public to have faith in approved instructors and protect the public from individuals who do not meet nationally recognised standards.


To recognise the academic qualifications and achievements of all fitness professionals . To recognise the service of individuals that have been in the industry without holding qualifications.


To ensure fitness professionals who hold qualifications such as sport science degrees or sports diplomas are not discriminated against. To ensure ethical practice by health club operators when selecting candidates or potential employees.


Want to feature ?


Profiles are available to exercise and fitness professionals such as:

Membership is free for the first six months.
If you would like to feature kindly follow the registration process or send an email to info@fitnessregister.org and one of our support team will assist you with getting started.


A professional, qualified and registered workforce with the skills, experience and competencies to do the job improves business performance. The variety of categories and qualifications across RFPS means that you can recruit exercise professionals with a range of relevant skills to confidently meet your customer needs, providing safe and effective exercise to a wide range of individuals.